Rising Admission Rate

The extension of the registration period is over and it is now official that Montanuniversität Leoben remains subject to continuous growth, currently holding 4,200 students.

Knapp 4.200 Studierenden "sind Montanuniversität Leoben"

“Over 600 young people have chosen to study at Montanuniversität this year, females making up one fifth of this figure”, press officer of Montanuniversität, Erhard Skupa, explains. “Therefore, the past years´efforts in terms of marketing are yielding fruit, as we are currently sending student ambassadors to visit schools and promote the university almost every second day of the academic year”.

Petroleum Engineering at the Forefront

The most popular fields of study remain “Petroleum Engineering”, “Mechanical Engineering”, and “Industrial Energy Technology”, yet the amount of students in each degree is increasingly becoming equally distributed. “Surveys have shown that students in their first year of study claim that the University`s excellent reputation and its good contacts to industry partners are factors which significantly influence the decision to come and study in Leoben”, underlines Skupa.

Rector Wilfried Eichlseder emphasises that the rising number of foreign students studying at Montanuniversität is remarkable. “20 percent of students are international students, originating from 79 countries. We also have 400 doctoral students, which is a record figure, showing how valued our competence is to research”.  

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