Tunnel Inset for New Underground Research Facility

The festive tunnel inset for “Research@ZaB”, an innovative underground research, testing and training facility, took place on September 8, 2016 at the Styrian Erzberg. A great number of honorary guests, as well as interested citizens from the city of Eisenerz, attended the groundbreaking ceremony formally initiating the construction of the underground project. Throughout Europe, Research@ZaB will be a unique facility, providing Montanuniversität Leoben, its researchers and students, as well as businesses and public institutions, with the possibility to conduct research in the fields of geotechnical engineering and tunneling, as well as training in tunnel safety.

from left to right: Anton Lang (Landesrat), Christopher Drexler (Landesrat), Josef Pappenreiter (VA Erzberg CEO), Univ.-Prof. Robert Galler (Head of ZaB@Research), Christine Holzweber (Mayor of Eisenerz), Michael Schickhofer (Vice-Govenor for the Province of Steiermark), Wilfried Eichlseder (Rector Montanuniversität), Reinhold Mitterlehner (Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Science, Research and Economy), Martha Mühlburger (Vice Rector Montanuniversität), Hermann Schützenhöfer (Govenor for the Province of Steiermark), Waltraud Klasnic (Chairman Montanuniversität University Council), Hannes Androsch (Vice Chairman Montanuniversität University Council, Herbert Kasser (General Secretary Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology)

The full articel is available in German.

For further information, please contact erhard.skupa@unileoben.ac.at.