Marshallplan Grants

The Marshall Plan Foundation awards scholarships to Montanuniversität students who want to go on a research or study exchange trip to a US partner university. Priority is given to students in the final stage of their programme (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate). Montanuniversität selects the projects and students. The scholarship is awarded for a trip of three to five months, with funding of between EUR 3,000 and 10,000 depending on the duration and requirements of the study/research programme.

Nominated candidates receive a "grant agreement" from the Foundation and 80% of the total sum is transferred to the students at the same time. The remaining 20% is paid once they return and proof of their study success has been provided by Montanuniversität. A research report or transcript and confirmation of the actual period of time spent abroad must be submitted once the trip ends.

Applications can be submitted to the International Relations office. For the winter semester the application deadline is April 14 th; for the summer semeser the application deadline is October 20 th.

You need to attach a recommendation from a professor and an offer of admission/supervision from a partner university to the application form. You must also provide proof of sufficient accident/illness insurance, including a return/transport guarantee, and sufficient indemnity insurance before you leave.