Examinations and Master's Degree

The Montanuniversitaet is a partner of the App ‚Studo‘. Simply download the App and register using your registration number (“Matrikelnummer”) and Stud.Mail-address. The App will show you, when and where your courses will take place, for which courses you registered, when the next exams will be, etc. Please note that there can be discrepancies between MUonline and the App, then MUonline as the official system prevails.

The purpose of STEOP is to get a feel for the university and is also the first challenge of your study. In order to pass STEOP it is necessary to pass at least two of the STEOP-courses as well as the course Introduction to the Studies at Montanuniversitaet Leoben, where all first semester students are provided with informed insight regarding all studies of the Montanuniversität. Before having fully completed STEOP you may attend further courses of the 1st study year only and only to the extent of 22 ECTS. The STEOP- subjects vary depending on when (summer- or winter semester) you started your studies.

In addition to the Introduction to the Studies at Montanuniversitaet Leoben the STEOP-courses for beginners in the winter semester are Physics IA, Mathematics I and Chemistry IA.

The STEOP-courses for beginners in the summer semester are Physics II, Mathematics II, Mechanics IA, Statistics. Furthermore a third course of the other compulsory subjects of the summer semester or the Introduction to the Studies at Montanuniversitaet Leoben has to be attended in the winter semester.

If you switch studies your STEOP as far as you have not completed it, will start with the STEOP-subjects of the respective semester.

Have you already completed courses in Austria or abroad as a regular student at a university or similar institution? Are these courses equivalent in content and are ECTS credits equal (or higher) than a mandatory course at the Montanuniversitaet? Then you have several options:

1. If you want to receive credits for individual examinations of your former study

Under item Recognitions/Achievement supplements on your MUonline Business card you can contrast the individual courses with the courses of the Montanuniversitaet and under the section Registrar’s Office (Studien und Lehrgänge) you can file them for recognition. Equivalence will be assessed by the respective departmental professors and will be approved by the dean of studies. For further information contact the department Registrar’s Office (Studien und Lehrgänge).

2. If you want to take a master's degree and want to have your bachelor's degree recognized

In most cases this is quite easy. You file an application for equivalence (form available under unileoben.ac.at/de/2884/) with the documents on the study requested there with the department Registrar’s Office (Studien und Lehrgänge). The department will then send the application to the relevant degree coordinator, who will compare contents and decide whether and how many requirements you will get. Finally everything has to be approved by the dean of studies. He will decide whether requirements are to be fulfilled prior to admission to master studies or whether they can be fulfilled in the course of master studies.

3. If you want to take your doctor's degree in Leoben and want to have your master's degree recognized

If you did not take your master's degree at MUL an application for equivalence regarding suitability for doctoral programmes has to be filed with the office of the dean of studies. The degree coordinator for the doctoral programme will check whether the master's degree taken is relevant and imposes requirements if necessary which are to be fulfilled in the course of the doctoral programme.

4. Recognition of courses taken abroad

Basically recognition works as under item 1 (if you want to have individual exams of your former study recognized). Before you go abroad you should inform yourself with the respective lecturer of the Leoben-course on the courses you intend to take and which you want to have recognized in order to avoid unnecessary burdens and possible non-recognition afterwards. The usual procedure in these cases is that the degree coordinator issues a pre-notification in which the courses to be recognized are contrasted with the mandatory courses at MUL. If you have questions regarding stays abroad have a closer look at the MIRO page.

You will find the relevant requirements in your curriculum or on MUonline in the description of the courses. Basically you can register for the lectures (L) of your study programme within the time limit without any requirements. In order to register for taking the exam all requirements have to be fulfilled. For courses with immanent examination character (all courses except for Ls) you may register only as soon as all requirements have been fulfilled.

Before taking exams of your master' programme („taking exams earlier“) you have to pass all courses of the semesters 1-4 of your bachelor 's programme.

Pursuant to the Austrian University Act (sec. 76 par. 4) at least 3 examination dates have to be scheduled for each lecture. The duration of the registration period is at least 2 weeks and the registration period ends at 11.00 am of the day before the examination date. Students and examiner may agree on examination dates personally. In most cases registration is possible via MUonline. For examinations ahead of an examination board you have to register personally at the secretariat of the institute the course is allocated to (3rd repetition in writing only) or at the office of the dean of studies (in all other cases).

Deregistration is possible via MUonline until the specified period of time, at the secretariat of the respective institute you may deregister until 11:00 am of the preceding working day (also via telephone or e-mail). Caution: if the exam takes place e.g. on Monday, the last chance to deregister is by Friday 11:00 am.

If you fail to appear at an exam without due cause the examiner may bar you from taking the exam until the second closest examination date, no longer however than for 8 weeks.

Written exams have to be graded within 4 weeks and oral exams immediately after the exam.

If failed at an exam you may repeat it four times.In order to learn more also see the item Examinations by Examination Boards if this is the 4th or 5th time you take an exam. If you also fail the 5th time (4th repetition) your study is closed and you also cannot continue any other study programme at MUL where this course is obligatory.

If you pass an exam, but do not agree with the grading you received you may repeat the exam once within 12 months (no later however than before completing your study programme). What you have to bear in mind with this respect is however that then the examination taken first will be declared void even if you get a worse mark or even fail when taking it a second time.

Exams taken for the 4th and 5th time are to be taken ahead of an examination board. The examination senate consists of three persons, two examiners and one chairperson. Application forms are available in the office of the dean of studies resp. in the secretariats.

L - 3rd repetition (oral resp. written and oral exam), 4th repetition: registration period 3 weeks, deregistration deadline 1 week before examination date at the office of the dean of studies.

L – 3rd repetition (written exam): registration period 3 weeks, deregistration deadline until 11:00 am at the secretariat of the institute the course is allocated to.

P – 4th repetition (oral part): registration no later than 4 weeks after the first day the exercise is held in the office of the dean of studies. With some chairs/institutes (e.g.: Chemistry) a pre-exam is offered before taking an exam ahead of an examination board.

Some institutes organize special board revision courses, for which you can register on MUonline. Please find out regarding such offers at the respective institutes (at best BEFORE registration).

Pursuant to the University Act sec. 79 par. 5 you may inspect your examination paper and even copy it. Multiple Choice-questions are exempt from this regulation and may be inspected only not however copied. You may do so, if you get in touch with the institute/chair no later than 6 months after your grade was published. Most institutes/chairs automatically inform on dates for general inspection after the results have been published. If you do not have time at the dates offered simply get in touch with the secretariat of the institute/chair. Inspection with regard to exams taken ahead of an examination board take place at the office of the dean of studies.

In order to receive a confirmation regarding your status as a student you will find the button Enrolment Documents at your Business card under the column Studies in Muonline. You are however recommended to print out and/or save the “Studienblatt” (record of studies) and “Inskriptionsbestätigung” (confirmation of registration) offline. You will also need these to acquire a Top-ticket.

In order to receive a confirmation on the courses you took you will find the button Transcripts at your Business card under the column Studies in MUonline.

In the upper section you can chose the study data as well as the language. Under Transcripts you can have a confirmation issued on a certain period of time.

A Confirmation of Achievement will issue a document regarding a certain course.

At „FLAG-Studienerfolgsnachweis“ (Confirmation regarding Family Allowance Act) you can generate all confirmation regarding the entire academic year.

Note: For family allowances, insurance and scholarships the online-version will be sufficient in most cases. For semesters abroad or official purposes you will receive an official confirmation of your performance (either in English or German) free of costs at the department Registrars’s Office (Studien- und Lehrgänge) (main building,1st floor).

The department Registrar’s Office (Studien und Lehrgänge), as well as the mentor respectively the relevant secretariat are in charge of handling the formalities of master's theses.

If you have fulfilled all requirements to begin your master thesis contact the chairs/institutes or a desired mentor and find out about the eligible topics or introduce an individual topic. If you and your mentor have agreed on the topic of the final paper, then your thesis has to be registered. This has to be effected at least 5 months before handing it in.

Master's theses have to be approved by the dean of studies. If the dean of studies does not reject the paper within one month after registration it is deemed as approved.

Then you have to investigate, research, experiment and document until your paper meets the requirements. The entire process however should not essentially exceed a period of 6 months.

If everything is complete the only thing left to do is to hand it in! As cover for your paper you have to use the uniform font page of MUonline. In general you have to upload your paper once and submit a printed version thereof. Please do not forget that the printed master thesis has to be handed in no later than 7 workdays before your master exam.

In the course of the electronic upload your mentor has to carry out a mandatory plagiarism assessment. If no plagiarism was assessed and your paper was given a positive mark you may decide whether or not you want to make your paper available electronically to others.

If you agree your paper will be published in the internet (Open Access Publication). If you do not agree it will be saved electronically without being published. In any case one copy has to be published in the university library, if required after a possible retention period to be fixed explicitly by the Dean of Studies.

You have completed all courses of your curriculum and have prepared you master thesis? Then it is time to claim your academic degree! This is what you have to do:

1. Go on www.statistik.at/ustat2/ and fill in the online-form. Print out the confirmation once.

2. Register at the secretariat of your degree coordinator and then agree on a submission date in the department Registrar’s Office (Studien- und Lehrgänge).

3. Consider in advance which courses you want to have credited as voluntary subjects.

4. At the academic ceremony you will receive all final documents, such as the certificate, diploma and award decree. As a bachelor graduate you will be invited to the ceremony via E-Mail and as a master graduate via mail.

5. Congratulations, now you are officially a Dipl.-Ing. (MSc).