Scientific integrity at Montanuniversität Leoben

As an internationally acting research institution, Montanuniversität Leoben is bound to the rules and regulations of “Good Scientific Practice” by encouraging all suitable measures to avoid scientific misconduct amongst members of the university.

Should there be any suspicion of scientific misconduct of a member of the university, please contact the Rector´s Office at

or +43 3842 402 7003. Please include all relevant documents in your complaint, which will be treated with the utmost discretion.

Primarily, members of the Rector´s Office will examine the complaint which will be confirmed or denied in the next step. If claims of scientific conduct are proven to be correct, the rectorate will initiate an expert investigation procedure in accordance with the statutes of “Good Scientific Practice.”

During the procedure the values of fairness, trust and transparency are safeguarded to protect all individuals involved.