Starting in autumn 2022, Montanuniversität Leoben offers new degree programmes in English that provides a broad and methodically high-quality education. In it, our university's areas of expertise in the individual production steps are combined to cover the entire value chain.

Graduates occupy key positions in companies, institutions and organisations. They link departments to shape the production process including product design and thus the final product itself.


In the study programmes you gain knowledge about the entire material flow from raw material extraction to recycling

in order to make these products energy and resource efficient while minimising the ecological footprint.


Industries where Circular Engineers can apply their knowledge and expertise include:

  • Raw material extraction and processing industry,
  • cement and binder industry,
  • metallurgical industry,
  • recycling companies,
  • plastics industry,
  • product manufacturing companies,
  • plant construction companies.


With their profound knowledge, Circular Engineers play a decisive role in the transition to bring the circularity of material flows on the production side as close as possible to the principles of the Circular Economy.