Master Responsible Consumption and Production at Montanuniversität Leoben Austria

Deepen your knowledge of global developments and pressing challenges in the Master's programme Responsible Consumption and Production - the first study programme of its kind in Europe!


The 4 core pillars of this study programme give you a unique perspective and a make you a much sought-after expert in the industry and public sector:


1. Deepen your knowledge of the scientific and engineering principles of the circularity of material flow systems on the production side;

including advanced concepts and approaches of sustainability and gain the ability to use advanced assessment methods.


2. Take a deep-dive into societal behaviour on the consumer side;

including the psychological, social and economic aspects of buying and consuming, ethics and corporate and consumer social responsibility.


3.Specialise in 1) Material Sciences, 2) Primary Raw Materials, 3) Secondary Raw Materials and Recycling, or 4) Process Engineering.


4. Consolidate your transversal and personal skills: critical thinking, creativity and innovation, intercultural skills, team leading, as well as excellent English language skills. 


With their knowledge about the Planetary Boundaries and the principles of Circular Economy, graduates will make an important contribution to the Green Transition.

  • a degree programme that is unique in Europe 

  • learn about global pressing challenges

  • explore Europe during your studies

  • learn skills that prepare you for international jobs (bonus: your English becomes perfect)

  • study abroad without losing time in your studies and don't worry about funding ;)

  • structure the study program and choose parts of the content according to your interests

  • unlimited personal, geographical and professional opportunities 

  • be part of a Europe-wide network & community

  • participate in great events (e.g. STEM Contest, internships)

  • a dedicated EURECA-PRO team who look afters the students directly and indirectly 

Graduates of the Bachelor's programme Responsible Consumption and Production occupy nationally and internationally key positions in companies, institutions and organisations in the industry and at the authorities


As a graduate you link departments 

  • to design a product,
  • in the production process along the material flow from raw material extraction to consumption to recycling, energy and resource efficienct while minimising the ecological footprint,
  • sharing their expertise with regard to the development of regulations towards the circular economy and sustainably designed material flows in the production and consumption sector.


Industry sectors in which graduates can apply their knowledge and competence as senior engineers may include: 

  • Raw material extraction and processing industry,
  • cement and binder industry,
  • metallurgical industry,
  • companies in the recycling sector,
  • plastics industry,
  • product manufacturing companies,
  • plant construction companies.


Graduates are also in demand as employees in state institutions at national and international/European level. Their expertise is in great demand with regard to the development of regulations towards the circular economy and sustainably designed material flows in the production and consumption sector.


Total duration: 4 semesters  = 120 ECTS


First semester mandatory at Montanuniversität Leoben (30 ECTS) 

Including module 1: Sustainable Development, where you will learn about e.g. advanced concepts and approaches of sustainability and sustainability development, special assessment of circular processes in the context of the Circular Economy, methods of economic valuation (like risk management, strategic business valuation, utility theory), and will acquire competencies in sustainability-oriented business management (like leadership, change management, project management, HR) and digital competences.


Second semester "specialisation track" at one of our partners or at Montanuniversität Leoben (30 ECTS)

Studying your second semester at Montanuniversity Leoben, you will be able to choose one of four specialisation tracks: #1 Materials, #2 Process Engineering, Metallurgy, Building Materials, #3 Sustainable Development, #4 Primary and Secondary raw materials & recycling


Third semester at one of our partner universities (30 ECTS)

Including module 2: Responsible Consumption, where you will learn about the Green Economy, Share Economy and Circular Economy, of consumer behaviour in different social systems and of ethics and corporate and consumer social responsibility. This will allow you for example to understand the connections between economy, society and ecology, to know about the possibilities for consumers to influence companies and producers and be able to to evaluate your own consumption behaviour and assess its embedding in the social context.


Fourth semster to write your master thesis (30 ECTS)

Note: It is compulsory to study one semester at our partner universities. Since the module "Responsible Consumption" has to be completed at one of our partners, the third semester would be a good opportunity to do the student mobility. 

General requirements:

  • Since this is an English-taught study programme, applicants must submit proof of sufficient command of English language. (*please find further information below).
  • The prerequisite for admission to the Master's degree programme Responsible Consumption and Production is the completion of a relevant Bachelor's degree programme or another relevant degree programme of at least the same level of higher education at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution. 

    • Feel free to contact us at admission(at) to find out if you meet the requirements in your specific case. If necessary, an admission with conditions is possible. Don not be afraid to write to us, it is better to ask once more than to miss the chance to pursue your dream studies ;)

  • Admission period started on 10.06.2022
    • Students can only be enrolled and matriculated during the matriculation periods of Montanuniversität Leoben (There are no exceptions to this rule!). 
    • Remember to do the online pre-registration! (You find a how-to guide in the info box).


Specific requirements:

Different requirements for admission to Montanuniversität Leoben are applicable to you depending whether you are:

  • Austrian citizen
  • EU/EEA citizen
  • International/third country citizen

Please contact the registrar’s office to get the information relevant for you specifically: admission(at)

Indicate in your e-mail:

Subject: RCP Master Info, your nationality, your question(s), attach any supporting documents


English language requirements:

Applicants must submit proof of sufficient command of the English language. This proof can be provided by presenting an appropriate language certificate.

  • Recognised language tests are, for example, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with at least 80 points (internet-based test), whereby the partial performances must be completed with at least the following points (listening 20, reading 18, speaking 17, writing 16) or 213 points (computer-based test) or 550 points (paper-based test) or the IELTS (International English Language Test System) with a score of at least 6.0 or an equivalent test with a corresponding result.
  • Persons whose mother tongue is English, or who have graduated from a European secondary school in English, or who have a degree with English as the predominant language of instruction, are exempt from providing these certificates.

If you are not sure whether you are exempt from proving your English language skills, please contact the registrar's office, describing your specific situation: admission(at)