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Duration of Studies

7 semesters Bachelor's Programme
(210 ECTS)

4 semesters Master's Programme
(120 ECTS)

6 semesters Doctoral Programme
(180 ECTS)


BSc, Dipl.-Ing., Dr.mont.

Application Period

from 9 January 2023 to 5 February 2023

Extended Period

from 6 February 2023 to 31 March 2023

Geoscientists focus on the composition of the earth. At Montanuniversität  we do so with curiosity and high-end equipment. A great adventure. Modern industrial societies need natural resources, as the search for and exploitation of raw material sources is a pillar of our prosperity. Faced with the finiteness of natural resources, a key challenge for our societies is to ensure the continuous and sustainable provision of commodities.

Requirements and interests: what we are looking for

For geoscientists, the earth is a gigantic outdoor laboratory. This is why a basic requirement for studying geosciences is a deep-seated love for nature combined with an inclination towards a careful treatment of the environment. We look for people who are passionate about both natural sciences – geology in particular – and civil engineering. As research findings and data need to be digitalised, enjoying computer-based work also helps. If you combine an affinity to technical questions and precision with an interest in different cultural contexts, you are a perfect fit.

During your studies: what to look forward to

Applied Geosciences at Montanuniversität use physical, mineralogical and geological methods to examine the subsoil. This means that, following your 4-semester foundation course, you not only spend time in labs and lecture halls but also venture outside. In-depth trainings in the field, outings in Austria and abroad as well as industry placements accompany your studies.

In the framework of an ensuing master’s degree, there are three specialisation tracks you can choose from. You might want to, first, deepen your engagement with examining the subsoil, leading to qualifications applicable to the construction of tunnels or power plants. Another option would be to, second, focus on identifying storage sites and dealing with environment-related questions about the exploitation and treatment of natural resources. Third, you might want to engage with petroleum geology that is set to continue playing an important role in the future. You can also enrol in a dual-degree programme Montanuniversität co-hosts with the University of Pisa (Italy).

Following your studies: what to expect

With a degree from Montanuniversität you are, literally, ready to discover the world: your potential employers include national and international commodity trading firms or mining companies. At the same time, Applied Geosciences also provide you with tools to join environmental protection efforts. With qualifications in area planning, risk analysis and environmental reviews, you are thus set for a career in civil engineering offices, public agencies in charge of geology, environment or mining, or scientific research.


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Study Brochure


Programme Director:
Univ.-Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.mont. Frank Melcher
Chair of Geology and Economic Geology
+43 3842 402-6101