All van der Waals Semiconducting PtSe2 Field Effect Transistors with Low Contact Resistance Graphite Electrodes
MA Aslam, S Leitner, S Tyagi, A Provias, V Tkachuk, E Pavlica, M Dienstleder, D Knez, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, D Yan, Y Shi, T Knobloch, M Waltl, U Schwingenschlögl, T Grasser, A Matković


Contact resistance is a multifaceted challenge faced by the 2D materials community. Large Schottky barrier heights and gap-state pinning are active obstacles that require an integrated approach to achieve the development of high-performance electronic devices based on 2D materials. In this work, we present semiconducting PtSe2 field effect transistors with all-van-der-Waals electrode and dielectric interfaces. We use graphite contacts, which provide record-low contact resistance to PtSe2 and consequently enable high FET performance.