SCoRe A⁺ Hydrogen and Carbon

Since 2020, Montanuniversität Leoben is bundling research activities in the field of the two valuable materials hydrogen and carbon in the Strategic Core Research Area SCoRe A+ Hydrogen and Carbon. By the end of 2023, a total of more than 120 scientists from 26 organisational units are working on a wide variety of research topics along the entire value chain of these two materials in this strategic research area.

The linking of research activities relating to the two valuable materials hydrogen and carbon is due to the fact that methane pyrolysis plays a key role here. The CO2-neutral production of hydrogen and solid carbon by splitting methane is being investigated using a wide variety of processes utilising renewable energies. In addition to specific process engineering issues relating to operating parameters and the upscaling of methane pyrolysis, the refinement, storage and transport of hydrogen and carbon as well as selected applications of the two valuable materials are also being investigated. In addition, SCoRe A+ Hydrogen and Carbon also includes research activities related to the development of catalytic materials for the production of hydrogen by water electrolysis and high-temperature fuel cells. The energy system analysis and coupling of sectors in future economic models, taking hydrogen into account, is another key component of the holistic approach within this research focus area.

The primary goal of SCoRe A+ Hydrogen and Carbon is to provide answers to scientific questions along the entire value chain of the two resources hydrogen and carbon and thus contribute to the transformation of industrial processes by enabling the implementation of technically feasible and economically viable solutions.