Information for Companies

Montanuniversität traditionally maintains close contacts with the industrial world, given its area of expertise. Cooperation models vary from classic customer/supplier relationships to long-standing research and development partnerships.

Knowledge transfer ranks alongside teaching and research as the third core service process at Montanuniversität. The transfer process is subdivided into three areas: classic transfer (including patent exploitation), the foundation of spin-offs and further education studies in parallel with normal working life.

Technology transfer

The Industrial Liaison Department is Montanuniversität Leoben's technology transfer office. In addition to promoting the transfer of knowledge and technological innovations in Montanuniversität's specialist areas, its main activities include research management, promotional consultancy services and providing professional development opportunities.

As an interface between academia and industry, employees within the Industrial Liaison Department understand company requirements, provide access to the university's expert knowledge and technical equipment, and help spread existing knowledge and technologies throughout a wide field of application.

Knowledge transfer

The further education programme at Montanuniversität includes university courses, conventions, seminars and summer and winter schools.

The Industrial Liaison Department at Montanuniversität successfully runs the Technology Academy, which aims to provide technical training in parallel to normal working life.

Montanuniversität currently offers twelve postgraduate programmes. Expansion of this further education stage is currently under way.

Further information:

Service for spin-off founders

The Centre for Applied Technology (ZAT) was founded in 1999 as the first university spin-off centre in Austria. It supports individuals and teams with innovative projects related to Montanuniversität's areas of expertise and with a comprehensive range of bursaries that are tailored to the requirements of the individual projects.