Mission Statement

The guiding principle of Montanuniversität Leoben

Since the foundation of our university, the competences have been continuously deepened and developed in order to actively bring them into current, socially relevant issues. This has led to a broadening of the spectrum with clear specialisation and positioning at the same time. Development is not standing still now, on the contrary, it is progressing at an ever-increasing speed.

The great social challenges of our time in the areas of resources, climate, energy and the environment demand the adaptation of social behaviour, but also the orientation of our university. Therefore, our scientists develop technical and scientific methods to solve today's challenges. In our teaching, we provide our students with the tools to deal with these environmental issues and prepare them for their future key role in improving our environment. In this way, we work actively every day to improve our future in a sustainable way.

The Montanuniversität Leoben stands for excellent science, outstanding education and absolute excellence in research and teaching. This is reflected in our three areas of competence for the future:

For more information, please see our development plan (german only)