Campus Life

There are lots of things to do when you are studying at Montanuniversität. Away from the university and research departments, the city of Leoben has a lively social scene and an amazing range of health and fitness facilities, shops and culture. 

University Sports Institute (USI)

As a balance to academic life, the USI Leoben offers a wide range of sports courses and training for small membership fees. For first-year students, it is a great way to try out new sports and meet fellow students at the same time.

Centre for Languages, Education and Culture

Besides their technical training, students are encouraged to acquire foreign language skills and to take advantage of the wide range of classes offered by the Centre for Languages, Education and Culture. The comprehensive offer is rounded off by cultural events and classes in social skills.

Living in Leoben

In order to facilitate their start in a new environment, the city council of Leoben has decided that students at Montanuniversität Leoben who establish their principle residence in Leoben for the first time receive support by the city of Leoben in the form of LE-vouchers worth EUR 250.00.

This requires registration for principal residence in Leoben. Each following year, the city of Leoben supports its students with LE-vouchers worth EUR 100.00, provided that the students can prove their principle residence in Leoben as of 1/11.

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Shopping and culture

Shopping has been elevated to a new dimension with the "LeobenCityShopping" (LCS). Right in the city centre and built within the historic walls of a former Dominican monastery, shopaholics will find a wide range of stores, as well as an assortment of cafés and restaurants in an area of 20,000 m². 
Under the slogan "7 rails into the past", 2,000 years of city, regional and mining history are reviewed in the city’s "MuseumsCenter". The art gallery [Kunsthalle] is located in the same spacious building, where special annual cultural and historical exhibitions have attracted thousands of visitors for more than a decade.


There's a lot going on in Leoben outside university life. Festive activities and events for students include the LEMusic-Night, when Leoben’s clubs and bars are turned into small event stages, or major concerts at Leoben’s main square. A highlight in Leoben’s event calendar is the Gösser fair [Gösser Kirtag]: thousands of visitors from near and far come to see the longest "fair strip" in Austria and enjoy a glass of beer in the Gösser beer tent. 

Leoben traditions

Even as one of the most modern universities in Austria, Montanuniversität can still look back over 170 years of history. Within the family-like environment of a comparatively small university, a few miner and student traditions have become established and are closely linked to Leoben identity today. This starts with the usual greeting "Glück auf!" ["Good luck!"] and continues to the black miner's jacket that all uni members wear to festive occasions, right up to the "Ledersprung" admissions ceremony in which first-year students are accepted into their new profession. The personal greeting of these so-called "Schwammerl" [mushrooms] by the Rector when handing over degree certificates or the end of the summer semester with the "Bierauszug" [beer party] are as unique to Leoben as the personal graduation parties, known as "Philistrierungen". The most active supporters of these traditions are the Leoben student societies and the University itself. 

Student societies

Besides classes and academic life at the university, Leoben features active and flourishing student societies. Students can get involved in study-related, cultural, political or sports clubs and thereby make new contacts and pursue their interests.