About Montanuniversität

Montanuniversität Leoben is a technical university with a unique profile. The study programmes offered – with their specific focus areas – can only be pursued at Leoben. As a result, Montanuniversität graduates are amongst the most sought-after of all academics.
As one of the smallest universities in Austria, Montanuniversität offers its students (around 4,000) an outstandingly good infrastructure and the best possible attention from academic staff. Its smaller size is an advantage: intensive contact between students and lecturers means that problems can be solved quicker and more successfully. "Mass university" is a foreign concept in Leoben and, according to current surveys, the students here are more satisfied than almost any other university in Austria.

No selection process

At some Austrian universities, different selection procedures have been introduced for a variety of study programmes in order to reduce the number of first-year students embarking on their studies. Our study programmes at Leoben are not affected by this issue, there is no selection process and enrolment is simple. All students with school-leaving certificates can enrol at Montanuniversität. 

First year of common studies

The study programmes offered at Montanuniversität are based along the value-added chain, from raw materials and production materials, on to the finished product. The range of studies is complimented by multidisciplinary fields such as Industrial Energy­ Technology and Industrial Logistics. The first year of studies, as an introductory phase, is the same for all students. As a result, students can switch study programmes seamlessly at the end of the first year without losing any time. In these first two semesters, all first-year students are brought to a uniform academic level. In the beginning, the curriculum covers the following subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Applications and Programming, Chemistry and Mechanics. 

Graduating as a Master of Science

All study programmes grant a Bachelor of Science degree after 7 semesters. This is followed by more in-depth master's programmes (4 semesters) and a subsequent master's thesis (ending with the academic title "Diplomingenieur", equivalent to a Master of Science). Afterwards, students can opt for a doctoral degree (6 semesters).
During their studies, all students are required to complete an internship at a company that is relevant to their fields of studies. 

Excellent career prospects

Montanuniversität is traditionally closely associated with industry and economics. With a large number of projects in cooperation with various companies, students are integrated very early into a network that will later provide them with a head start into the professional world. Thanks to the strong application-orientated style of instruction, students are always kept abreast of the latest developments and rapidly find themselves at home in their vocations.
The unique education offered at Montanuniversität also means that it occupies a special position in the international education market. Graduates of Leoben are in greater demand than ever before – and industry is in need of even more experts.