Austria Metal sponsors Endowed Professorship

The close cooperation between the Austria Metal AG (AMAG) and the Chair of Nonferrous Metallurgy at Montanuniversität Leoben is being taken to a new level. The establishment of an endowed professorship for materials technology of aluminium symbolises a vital step towards the interlinking of research and industry.

Aluminium has promising growth-potential, especially due to its highly resistant qualities. Especially in the sector of transport, light-weight solutions are very sought-after. By establishing a nationally unique endowed professorship for materials science of aluminium, the competence in the field will grow significantly.

“To remain competitive in the field, AMAG depends on research and the availability of excellent education. These are vital preconditions for us, ensuring that the industry is continually supplied with top-scientists”, explains Dr. Helmut Kaufmann, technical Chairman of AMAG.

“Montanuniversität only launched a new degree programme in recycling a few days ago, concentrating on the whole process loop and the recycling of materials. This endowed professorship will complement the entire field of study and research, and is a reaction to the industry’s plea for recyclable aluminium alloys”, adds Univ.-Prof. Helmut Antrekowitsch, head of the Chair of Nonferrous Metallurgy at Montanuniversität.

Rector of the University of Leoben, Univ.-Prof. Wilfried Eichlseder, is extremely content with the AMAG initiative. “Since this endowed professorship underlines the importance of the topic, we are hereby making an important step towards strengthening our competences in the construction of light-weight materials”, he explains.

In the past few years one could observe an international trend in the opposite direction, which brought many disadvantages upon the industry. Therefore, AMAG and Montanuniversität decided to step towards further research on the topic, concludes Eichlseder.

Further Information:
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Die Teilnehmer: Andreas Taschner, Stephan Weißenböck, Dominik Höber & Dipl.-Ing. Eric Fimbinger