EURECA-PRO Students in Strasbourg

The European Student Assembly provided a platform for 240 students from 44 European university alliances to engage in hought-provoking discussions and to shape the future of Europe. With a focus on ten topics of high importance, participants came together to exchange ideas, share insights, and collectively work towards shaping the future of Europe. Students of the EURECA-PRO alliance had the privilege of representing three out of nine partner universities (Montanuniversität Leoben, Universidad de León, Universitatea din Petroșani) in four panels.

To start with, students were asked to form working groups and to come up with policy proposals on different topics, which were then handed over to members of the European Parliament for the selection process. Starting from February, students participated in periodic online meetings together with experts in order to learn more about their assigned topics. Key subjects included the sustainable handling of groceries, digital transformation, mental health and the European Year of Skills. At the beginning of June, 200 students from 28 countries travelled to Strasbourg with their drafts, which were then turned into concrete proposals and handed over to members of the European Parliament. Furthermore, the students were actively involved in panel discussions allowing them to exchange their experiences and expectations.
The European Student Assembly 2023 was a great opportunity for young people to develop a personal network across Europe and to actively shape the future. The students gained valuable insight into the work of the European Parliament and a lot of experience in dealing with current and important challenges at an international and interdisciplinary level.

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EURECA-PRO Students in Strasbourg