„Experiencing and understanding metals“– is the principle behind the “Metal Days”. The four-day long event for students has taken place at Montanuniversität for the fifth year in a row. Students from all over Austria had the chance to get exciting insights into Metallurgy, as well as an overview of Montanuniversität and the city of Leoben.

“The aim of the Metal Days is to make metallurgy more tangible for young people, hopefully directing their attention towards the extremely interesting and diverse world of metals”, explains Dr. Martina Hanel from the Metallurgy department at Montanuniversität. “The statistics prove that we are on the right path, as one third of participants now study at our university- with a rising tendency.”

Throughout the four days, students are slowly introduced to university-life, even getting the chance to see ongoing research-projects and to discuss them with students and lecturers. The project is made possible through the support of many Austrian and German partners in the industry. This year the group of students visited the chairs of Casting Research, Ferrous Metallurgy, Simulation and Modelling of Metallurgical Processes, Metal Forming and Nonferrous Metallurgy. Besides the exciting experiments conducted there, students were taught about the different processes of metallurgy. Rounded off with trips to the public ore mine “Erzbergwerk” and a tour of voestalpine steel in Donawitz, the student’s experience of Metallurgy, from extracting ore to a finished product was complete.

Further Information:

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Department Metallurgy

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