Sponsorship-Prize for Montanuniversität Scientists

The Josef-Krainer-Sponsorship-Prize for young scientists is awarded annually, in memory of the late Governor of Styria, Josef Krainer Senior. This year, Montanuniversität’s Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Paul Kainzinger and Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Emanuel Schwaighofer received the sponsorship.

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Paul Kainzinger

Kainzinger studied mechanical engineering at Montanuniversität Leoben, his doctoral dissertation focused on “The Effect of Faults on the Vibration Resistance of Cast Iron with Ductile Iron.” The project was funded together with partners from the COMET K Competence Centre, which is part of the Materials Centre Leoben. Kainzinger completed his doctoral studies in December 2013 and is now a senior researcher at the Chair of Mechanical Engineering at Montanuniverstität Leoben. 

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Emanuel Schwaighofer

Schwaighofer studied materials science at Montanuniversität, writing his master’s dissertation on “The effect of heat on the microstructure and mechanisms of cast and hot isostatic TiAL-Alloids”, for which he received a distinction.

In 2009, after finishing his master’s degree, Schwaighofer began his research as university assistant at the Department Physical Metallurgy and Materials Testing. Working closely with MTU Aero Engines AG Munich, his dissertation further specialised on ?-TiAl Alloys for jet engine components.  

Further Information
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ERASMUS-Studierende vor der Montanuniversität (aufgenommen 2019)