Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Sustainable Mineral & Metal Processing Engineering

Green and smart processing technology

The master's programme equips you with specialised knowledge to extract metals and minerals efficiently and concludes with at least two Master's degrees. By mastering techniques to minimise environmental impact, you'll become a sought after expert and play a crucial role in sustainable practices.

The creation of this programme was inspired by the growing demand for mineral resources, metals and materials in the transition to renewable energy, electromobility, digital communications and other clean energy technologies.

The programme is based on a consortium of four leading universities in the field of raw materials processing and mining: University of Oulu (UOULU, Finland), University of Zagreb (UNIZG, Croatia), Montanuniversität Leoben (MUL, Austria) and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (USM, Chile).

With us, you have the chance to apply for very attractive scholarship opportunities, which will be considered directly in your online application.

What can you expect in the EM Joint Master in Sustainable Mineral & Metal Processing Engineering programme?

During your degree programme, you will immerse yourself in the key aspects of mineral processing and refinement. Your focus will be on the optimal use of (mineral) phases from primary and secondary sources as well as the characterisation of raw and residual materials using state-of-the-art analytical methods.

You will not only become an expert in the production of marketable ore concentrates, but also in the production of functional fillers from industrial minerals for a variety of industrial applications. Other areas of specialisation range from high-quality construction raw materials for large infrastructure buildings to the planning, instrumentation and process control of processing plants. You are always up to date with the latest developments in the digitalisation of processing in the sense of "Industry 4.0" and integrate environmental protection as an essential part of the circular economy.

Your studies will take place at at least three of our renowned universities and you will graduate with at least two Master's degrees:

  •     1st semester: University of Oulu in Finland - Oulu Mining School (30 ECTS)
  •     2nd semester: Montanuniversität Leoben (30 ECTS)
  •     3rd semester: Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile (USM) or University of Zagreb, Croatia (UNIZG) (30 ECTS)
  •     4th semester: Master's thesis - co-supervised by all partner universities and in cooperation with industry (30 ECTS)

What can you expect after your course of study?

On completion of your degree programme, you will be a sought-after professional with essential skills for an international career:

  •     Practical application of separation processes
  •     Analysing layout and process design
  •     Integration of multidisciplinary approaches
  •     Simulation of mineral processing cycles
  •     Development of sustainable processes
  •     Entrepreneurial skills
  •     Multicultural integration

Duration of Studies

minimum 2 MSc / 4 semesters (120 ECTS)

Dates and Deadlines

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