Circular Engineering

Circular thinking for a sustainable future

Ready to make the world a better place? Circular Engineering makes it possible! Become part of the global solution crew and help shape the future. As a Circular Engineer, you will belong to a new generation of engineers. You will take control and critically analyse technological processes. Your goal? Closing material cycles and increasing efficiency, thereby minimizing our ecological footprint.

This course of study combines expertise from all areas. Graduates of the Circular Engineering programme will become highly competent decision makers in industry, business, and society.


The right programme for you?

Become a part of the action zone of Circular Engineering and help shape the world of tomorrow! With your curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm, you will breathe some fresh air into the design of technical processes. Do you want to understand the relationships between these processes and analyse their effects on the environment? Do you enjoy experimenting with different materials and using them in creative and sustainable ways? Are you always looking for new ways to extract and use raw materials in a responsible manner? Enter the exciting world of Circular Engineering!

What can you expect in the Circular Engineering programme?

In this bachelor's programme conducted in English, you will acquire the newest tools and techniques in the areas of technology, the sciences, sustainability, and economy. You will learn the basic principles of nature and how to recognise the complex relationships that drive our world. You will develop an in-depth understanding for production and material flow systems and learn how sustainability can be successfully implemented. As a prospective Circular Engineer, you will be able to combine these skills and apply them to tackle the challenges and global developments from different perspectives and develop innovative solutions. This way, you will make a valuable contribution towards setting up a sustainable circular economy.

What career opportunities are available to you after graduation?

You will be proficient in the concept of circularity of material flows: from primary raw materials and production systems to the product right up to the manufacturing of quality-assured secondary raw materials by means of well-engineered recycling methods. This way, you will contribute towards designing processes along the material flow, from raw material extraction to recycling, in an energy- and resource-efficient manner, while minimizing the ecological footprint.
After your Circular Engineering course of study, exciting tasks will be waiting for you in the development of new technologies, products, and materials, as well as in the development of energy sources and raw materials. You will be involved with the development of environmentally and socially acceptable value-added systems, wherever sustainable decisions are in demand.
As a Circular Engineer, you will become a mainstay for companies, science, and political decision makers in Austria, Europe, and the entire world. You will be a real global player in the sustainable technologies sector!


Duration of Studies

BSc / 7 Semesters (210 ECTS)

Dates and Deadlines

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There are no selection procedures at Montanuniversität Leoben.
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Programme Director:
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Clemens Holzer
Phone: +43 3842 402- 3500
E-Mail: clemens.holzer(at)



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