Mechanical Engineering

The Things that Move Us

Henry Ford had it before he broke the speed record with his newly developed car. Nikola Tesla when he invented his coil. As did Maria Telkes in her pioneering work in the field of solar-powered equipment. Every machine, and every device, is born from an idea. This takes shape in the construction phase and finally becomes reality as a finished product. Mechanical engineers shape this path of creation. Creativity and innovation are the engines that drive mechanical engineers.

At the Montanuniversität Leoben all of the facets of this classic engineering discipline are open to you: from modern electric vehicles to wind power plants, from automated production plants with artificial intelligence to sustainable mining machines. Discover the diversity of mining machine engineering!

The right programme for you?

Mechanical engineering combines a wide variety of engineering fields under one roof, such as automotive engineering, robotics, medical technology, aerospace, energy technology or transport technology. That’s why, in addition to an interest in technology, natural sciences and a logical-analytical way of thinking, you should also bring along a portion of creativity, inventiveness and curiosity.

The interdisciplinary nature of mechanical engineering requires efficient communication with other departments at home and abroad, along with the ability to work in a team. Today, digitalisation is indispensable in the most diverse areas of mechanical engineering, making enthusiasm for computers essential.

What can you expect in the Mechanical Engineering programme?

The first four semesters form the basis of your studies in mining engineering. After that, you’ll start to work on ideas, drafts, designs and constructions using your technical, analytical and creative skills. This means you will be taught in-depth knowledge in the areas of development, construction, automation, digitalisation, mechatronics and materials & production technology. You can demonstrate your ability to work in a team by collaborating with other research areas at Montanuniversität Leoben to solve socially relevant problems. This might include the development of sustainable drive concepts for the mobility sector or the planning of machines for the extraction and processing of raw materials up to their use as high-tech materials.

Digitalisation and mechanical engineering naturally go hand in hand. In order to be able to develop efficient machines, the simulation/digitalisation of processes to optimise the mode of operation are also part of your training. Taking into account the principle of sustainability and circular economy aspects, in the subsequent Master's degree programme you will go more in depth to hone your skills not only theoretically and scientifically, but also in an application-oriented manner. You will learn to realise innovative, functionally and cost-optimised, while at the same time carrying out environmentally compatible engineering tasks.

What can you expect after your course of study?

Turn your ideas into reality as a development engineer, product engineer or plant technician. Your field of work is not limited to machines, but ranges from individual mechanical, mechatronic and electronic devices to complex systems. Of course, in addition to new developments, you will also be involved in the further development and increased efficiency of existing machines and plants. There are no limits to what you can do after graduating in mining machine engineering!

Duration of Studies

BSc / 7 Semesters (210 ECTS)

Dates and Deadlines

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There are no selection procedures at Montanuniversität Leoben.
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Language of instruction


Occasionally, some courses may be taught and examined in English.

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