Geoenergy Engineering

What can I expect in the master's programme?

The master's programme Geoenergy Engineering deepens and supplements the scientific professional training on the basis of the bachelor's degree programme Geoenergy Engineering. The focus of the study is on the sustainable use of the subsurface for energy. Topics covered include geothermal energy extraction, geological energy storage, production and transport of liquid and gaseous energy carriers/raw materials, and decarbonization in the energy sector. In addition to technical knowledge, students are offered interdisciplinary problem-solving skills, social and leadership skills for later work in an international environment in the education programme.

Graduates work in national and international companies in the energy sector, with public authorities and service providers as well as in the academic sector.

The language of instruction and exams of the master's program Geoenergy Engineering is English. The prerequisite for admission is the completion of a relevant bachelor's degree or another relevant degree of at least the same level of higher education at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.