Orientation Phase

The orientation phase (StEOP) is used to orientate and inform first-year students about the typical subjects they will encounter in an engineering programme. It is part of all bachelor's programmes at Montanuniversität Leoben and primarily focuses on lectures in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Mechanics.

One important part of the StEOP is the orientation event "Introduction to Mining Sciences". This takes place once a week in the winter semester and provides general information about Montanuniversität, available information centres, funding options and learning techniques. One subject is also presented in each unit. This gives first-year students an in-depth overview of all the courses studied at Montanuniversität.

New StEOP regulations

In March 2011, the National Assembly passed an amendment to the University Law 2002, which will mean changes to the orientation phase from the 2011/12 winter semester onwards. The orientation phase at Montanuniversität Leoben will be arranged as follows:

(1) Upon initial enrolment in the winter semester, students must attend the "Introduction to Mining Sciences" orientation event and two other lectures. They can choose from four possible subjects.

(2) Tests during the orientation phase may be repeated thrice (5 tests).

(3) Until you have attended the required orientation phase events, you can only attend further first-year lectures worth up to 22 ECTS.

Please note: different compulsory subjects apply for the orientation phase for students starting in the summer semester.