Applied Geosciences

What can I expect during the Master's programme?

The master's programme in Applied Geosciences provides an intensification and supplementation of the specialist knowledge acquired from the bachelor's programme. The modular structure of this study programme allows for specialisations in the following focus areas:

  • Applied Geophysics and Petroleum Geology: The combined implementation of geological and geophysical techniques in the search for and exploitation of mineral oil and natural gas deposits
  • Economic and Environmental Geology: Exploration of raw material deposits, the assessment and refinement of raw materials, the evaluation of geological risks and geological environmental risks incurred by human activity and the clearance of contaminated sites
  • Petroleum Geophysics: The use of special geophysical measuring processes on and offshore and from the air in order to locate and explore mineral oil and natural gas deposits

The Master's progamme is conducted in English.

Qualifications profile and typical fields of activity

Applied Geosciences today are an important interdisciplinary subject in the general field of environmental protection (spatial acquisition and interpretation of geological/geochemical/geophysical data as a basis for spatial planning, the analysis of geological risks, and environmental impact assessment). Graduates of Applied Geosciences find professional opportunities on a national and international level in companies operating in the fields of mining, raw materials, exploration, mineral oil and natural gas, and their service environments, in geophysics service companies, in the construction material and utility material industry, in companies dealing with waste tips, recycling, and the clearance of old tips, the construction sector, at universities and research institutions, and as independent civil engineers and consultants.