Environmental and Climate Protection Technology


Building on the bachelor's programme, the master's programme runs for three semesters. Students study compulsory subjects, majors and elective subjects during the first two semesters. The third semester is reserved for the master's thesis. The master's programme concludes with a Master of Science degree (Diplomingenieur).

Major: Process Engineering

Managing the interplay between different processes is one of the tasks of process engineering, as well as considering the effects that varied processes have on humans and the environment. The basis for process engineering as an engineering discipline is the understanding that the large number of processes can be traced back to a comparatively small number of basic operations.

Modern process engineering, however, is not restricted to the dissecting of processes into basic operations and describing and analysing them. It also explores an in-depth understanding of material-specific interconnections, while at the same time striving to consider processes as a whole ("process techniques"), to model them, control them and eventually optimise them as a whole. 

Major: Waste Management and Technology

Developments over the past few years have shown that more and more graduates are finding employment not only in the actual sectors of environmental and disposal technology, but also in the supply sector, e.g. water, energy and raw material supply and the fields of environment, quality and energy management. This trend can be attributed to the fact that industrial environmental protection was initially primarily concerned with disposing of emissions and waste in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible by using appropriate treatment processes.

Today, the focus is on recycling and using waste material as raw material in highly industrialised waste processing plants. Production-integrated industrial environmental protection attempts to avoid emissions and aims to collect waste intelligently in order to process, provide and use it as an energy source or raw material.