Mechanical Engineering


The master's programme is intended to give students an overall perspective from the conception of an idea to the final product. Students gain both scientific and application-orientated skills in the fields of development, construction, industrial production technology, automation, mechatronics and heavy machinery, including the concept of sustainability, and further interdisciplinary and supplementary subjects.

The following subjects are on offer:

  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering and Design
  • Production Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Heavy Machinery

Specialised courses address subjects such as product and process development and materials engineering. In compliance with a modern and comprehensive education in mechanical engineering, fields such as modelling, simulation and lightweight construction are also covered. This wide variety of options means that a wide range of career paths and excellent job prospects are open to graduates.

Qualifications profile and typical fields of activity

Mechanical engineers work as product engineers, process developers, planning or design engineers, production process developers, automation specialists, heavy machinery engineers, quality managers or plant managers in technical management, and many other fields of activity. The scientific specialisation, in particular within the course of the master's thesis, provides the optimum foundation for subsequent doctoral studies and research activities.