Responsible Consumption and Production

Clever minds for sustainable progress

You are a real environmental champion! You are actively committed to waste separation, you use public transportation or ride your bike, and you conserve water and resources. Do you ask yourself where all these things around us come from, whether we even use them sensibly, and how an economic system can work sustainably in the first place? Do you care about our environment and the well-being of our society and do you want to do more to make a positive contribution?
Here comes the solution: With extensive specialised knowledge in modern technologies and management, you will become an expert in responsible production and consumption. You can revolutionise the world with your know-how and make a significant contribution.

Begin your unique education journey with the Responsible Consumption and Production bachelor's programme within the European University on Responsible Consumption and Production (EURECA-PRO). Here, you will become a part of a dynamic international community, made up of nine renowned European universities. This unique experience, in addition to a one-of-a-kind education, will allow you to also become familiar with different countries, languages, and universities with different areas of focus.

Immerse yourself in a modern and advanced learning environment where you will gain new expertise and grow personally, while simultaneously meeting the challenges of our time.

The right programme for you?

Do you have a passion for technology and would like to simultaneously expand your knowledge about production processes and consumer behaviour? Do you dream of travelling around Europe, discovering new cultures, and learning languages, while building unique relationships?

For people with a vision and enthusiasm for the multifaceted and complex topic of sustainability, this course of study offers an ideal opportunity for building up diversified expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge. You can pursue your interest and deeply immerse yourself in the subject matter. With your enthusiasm and goals, you are ready to explore the world, learn new things, and make positive changes.

What can you expect in the Responsible Consumption and Production programme?

We educate visionary all-rounders. During your studies, you will acquire sound knowledge and expertise in the areas of production and consumption. We will start with the basics of the sciences and engineering and convey business skills, which concentrate on sustainable development.

And that is just the beginning! You will have the opportunity to spend one or more semesters at one of eight partner universities throughout Europe and further deepen your knowledge.

During an exciting work placement, you can distinguish yourself as an engineer with a holistic perspective of Responsible Consumption and Production, and thereby use your excellent language skills. At the same time, you will gain valuable experience, which will enrich and refine you.

After your bachelor's programme, we offer you a master's programme, which puts an in-depth focus on the technical, economical, and social aspects of the circular economy – a modern and futuristic course of study.

What can you expect after your course of study?

Get excited about extensive job offers and a wide range of exciting opportunities! As a visionary with a wide range of expertise in technology and business, you will assist companies in all sectors from mining to service providers, NGOs, and political bodies. You have both technical and business savvy and can bring an impressive European network with you to the job.
You will be surprised how you will gradually change the world for the better.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Duration of Studies

BSc / 8 Semesters (210 ECTS)

Dates and Deadlines

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There are no selection procedures at Montanuniversität Leoben.
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Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Clemens Holzer
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