Pencil tip crumbles on paper

What do we have in common with pencils?

We are made of the same chemical material: carbon!
This substance is the second most abundant molecule in our bodies and almost 10,000 pencils could be made with it!

And that's not all: both graphite and diamonds are made of carbon. While graphite is very soft, diamond is the hardest material in the world. How does that work? The arrangement of the carbon atoms determines the hardness. But a diamond could still be made from pure graphite - namely under approx. 60,000 bar pressure and at a temperature of about 1,500°C.

As you can see, chemistry is not only important for school, but is also very useful in everyday life. Our students will tell you more about it live in the chemistry units!


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Your Chemistry MINTfluencers

This year, David and Stefanie will provide you with all the information you need about atoms, reactions and processes in the chemistry units to get you started at university.

David Faltner
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